Alan C. Baird

· created one of the West Coast's top magazine blogs, and wrote 631 articles during his first 9 months as Online Editor (and freelance photographer) for Palm Springs Life;

· designed/taught a Blogging 101 course for the University of California;

· produced/hosted BlogFest.Org w/Paul Krassner, a spoken-word performance event in Rancho Mirage;

· began manually programming an online journal (now w/moblog+microblog) in early 1996... before the term "blog" was coined, and long before automatic blogging software was invented;

· coauthored, a print/web/wap project (w/Amazon blog for the hardback/softcover book) that appeared in the Whitney Biennial (other book covers);

· offers consulting services on film scripts (like, corporate blogs (including viral marketing, virtual communities, SEO: search engine optimization & UGC: user-generated content), micro advertising, software design (ZDNet 4-star Editors' Pick) and award-winning template design;

· wrote/produced/edited promos for NBC, HBO and UPN (now CW);

· directed and produced episodes of two syndicated music television series;

· sold his debut student film to ABC-TV's groundbreaking cyberpunk program, Max Headroom;

· is a prizewinning writer of microfiction/nonfiction/interviews/reviews/satire;

· created and now maintains the ZoBlogs showcase at Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope Virtual Studio; and

· created a member-news blog for the Palm Springs Writers Guild.

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Updated: 3 September 2015 in Mesa, Arizona
  Alan C. Baird instructs Blogging 101 class.
Watch spoken word artists perform breathtaking feats of literary derring-do, right in front of your very eyes, without a safety net!Alan C. Baird + book in The Downtown News, taken by legendary Los Angeles photographer Gary Leonard.
Teen Suspense\Comedy screenplay. Synopsis: «The teenaged winners of an online tattoo contest fall in lust, while a psychotic killer patiently waits to cull them from the herd.»
A decade of blogging.
Alan C. Baird, during «Coppola´s Zoetrope» CNBC/c|net TV interview.
Kraft Nabisco (Dinah Shore) Golf Championship media credential, for Palm Springs Life´s blogger.