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Click for free eBookCôte d'Azur (Sky-Blue Coast) [73-page feature screenplay]

Log line: There's nothing quite so romantic as spending one's youth in a foreign land.

Synopsis: Eric is a 20-something American guy who's having the time of his life on the French Riviera. Or maybe Eric is the 60-something who's looking back on his earlier years with nostalgic regret and trying to alter the course of his life. This story was inspired by Lawrence Durrell, and his experiments with metafictional techniques in The Avignon Quintet ("fictional" characters interacting with "real" characters) and The Alexandria Quartet (the Rashomon of literature, with multiple points of view). It might be described as a hedonistic tale in the shape of a Möbius strip, trapped in an Escher wood engraving: magical realism with just a dash of irrealism, drenched in Mediterranean sunshine.

Genre: Coming-of-age buddy movie, with adventure, romance, fantasy, humor and a touch of magic.

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Click for blog posting (55 Bani Romanian postage stamp from 1976: 500th anniversary of Vlad the Impaler´s death) Click for free eBookVlad the Impaler: Son of Dracul [91-page feature screenplay]

Log line: Many will assume this is just another retelling of the "Dracula" vampire/horror myth... but Vlad's story is true.

Synopsis: The Holocaust killed approximately 10% of Germany's people. Some estimates claim that Vlad exterminated more than 20% of his fellow Wallachians. [WARNING: GRAPHIC TRANSGRESSIVE VIOLENCE / based on 15th-century history.]

Genre: Historical drama. [An unflinchingly gruesome genre-bender, with perverse humor.]

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Click for free eBookMerlinsky [98-page feature screenplay: American Zoetrope quarterfinalist, Writers Network quarterfinalist]

Log line: Imagine the Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter and they go back to the future. Based on the Arthurian legend and the ancient folklore myth of the sorcerer's apprentice.

Synopsis: The endless hordes of Hollywood tourists in the late 1940's are easy marks for a con-man magician like Harry Merlinsky. He knows how to sucker the rubes and flash the ol' hamster-outta-the-fedora every now and then, to baffle 'em and dazzle 'em. But he didn't expect a naive fan like Jake, who wants to learn Harry's Old Knowledge - "real" magic. Harry's archenemy obliterates Jake's girlfriend, forcing Jake to become a wizard, just to stay alive. Will Jake use his newfound powers for vengeance? The timeless myth of the Sorcerer's Apprentice unfolds against the backdrop of the Magic Castle and the Hollywoodland sign.

Lineage: 12th-century folklore myths begat The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which begat a tone poem by composer Paul Dukás, which begat Disney's Fantasia, which inspired Merlinsky, a magical action-adventure. [Completed before the Nicolas Cage film was released.]
This book by Anikó & Alan contains background about the screenplay
Genre: Action-adventure, w/magic.

[this book by AJB & ACB contains background about the screenplay]
[prose adaptation of the opening sequence, published by SFWP Literary Journal]
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[complete screenplay, 129k PDF file]
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Click to visit the blog\\\ \\\ [feature screenplay]

Log line: Surfing for romance in cyberspace can be murder.

Synopsis: The teenaged winners of an online tattoo contest fall in lust, while a psychotic killer patiently waits to cull them from the herd.

Genre: Teen suspense-comedy.

[this book by ACB contains a sample from the screenplay]
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Click for blog posting (Danube River, Budapest)Francis Ford Coppola calls it "quality stuff."
It was featured in an interview with one coauthor on the CNBC network.
It was also showcased in a chat with the other coauthor on Central Europe's premier TV newsmagazine.
The Creative Screenwriting magazine review says it has "tremendous possibilities as a romantic thriller."
It reached the quarterfinals in one international contest, and was among five finalists in another.
What is it?

The Fall In Budapest [99-page feature screenplay: SCRNWRiT finalist, Writers Network quarterfinalist]

Log line: An American undercover agent, convinced that a former KGB operative plans to wreak terrorist havoc on a cataclysmic scale, risks everything to stop the Russian in this action-packed romantic thriller.

Synopsis: Vitaly, a former KGB operative, takes a nasty tumble in Budapest's late autumn, and he's aided in his struggle back to health by the Hungarian nurse Erzsébet. The course of their blossoming romance is altered by ugly memories of the past, involving the historical tension between their two countries, as well as their own personal experiences. Jared, an American undercover agent, is convinced that Vitaly's sinister "business" partners are planning a nerve-gas terrorist attack, and he's willing to risk everything, including his relationship with his lover, to stop the Russian.

Genre: Romantic thriller.

[this book by AJB & ACB was written as a companion to the screenplay]
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[Internet Kalauz magazine interview + English translation]
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[flash-fiction adaptation of one scene, published in Paris + Budapest Tales anthology (ISBN 8392316851)]
[complete screenplay, 134k PDF file]
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Click for blog posting Click for free eBookEleven Thousand Virgins [102-page feature screenplay: Writers Network semifinalist]

Log line: "Field of Dreams" with medieval chant music in place of baseball.

Synopsis: Alex Barnett has a comfortable life in Los Angeles and San Francisco; it's probably too comfortable, although he can't quite admit to himself that an extended separation from his wife Nicole eats at his soul. An unusual set of seemingly unrelated circumstances impels him to seek out a centuries-abandoned monastery in southwest Germany, where he confronts the animate image of Hildegard von Bingen, the legendary twelfth-century mystic, prophet, and composer of ravishing liturgical chants. Although his friend Lars believes it's a bona-fide vision, much like the visions that fueled Hildegard's own creativity, Alex cynically distrusts his deepest instincts and drives himself to search for a more acceptable answer. His quest guides him on the path toward self-awareness, through experiences both sacred and profane. One man's inner and outer pilgrimages take him to the depths of uncertainty, and, almost inexorably, to the peak of actualization.

Background: Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179 AD) composed many chants in honor of Saint Ursula (?-383 AD). According to legend, Ursula was a Romano-British princess who, at the request of her father, King Donaut of Dumnonia (SW England), set sail across the English Channel with 11,000 virginal handmaidens to join her future husband, the pagan Governor Conan Meriadoc of Armorica (Brittany). Before the princess could arrive, all the virgins were beheaded in a massacre, and Ursula was shot dead. Modern research suggests the phrase "XI. M. V." was misinterpreted as "eleven thousand (in Roman numerals) virgins" rather than "eleven martyred virgins."

Genre: Spiritual drama.

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Crown of St. István (975-1038) - click for blog postingAzért is..! (Despite everything..!) [11-page animation script: Million Writers Award semifinalist, American Gem eighth finalist]

Log line: Animation inspired by a tilted cross, a unique deck of cards, and a pocket-sized bottle of liquor.

Synopsis: Even though this European nation has existed for more than a thousand years, over 70% of the country "vanished" after World War I. Today, the exiles' great-great-great-grandkids still think in Magyar.

Genre: Animation, adventure-drama short.

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Click for blog postingDoc Holliday's Gal [10-page Western script]

Log line: The gunfight at the OK Corral has been done to death... but maybe you've never seen it from a woman's point of view.

Synopsis: Doc Holliday spends quality time in Tombstone with his Hungarian paramour, Mary Katherine Horony (a/k/a Katie Elder or Big Nose Kate), during the final hours before the gunfight that launched a passel o' movies (Wyatt Earp, etc.). Based on a true story.

Genre: 10-minute Western film.

[complete script, 45K PDF file]
[sample in the "facebookworm" book, ISBN 1448620805]
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Click for blog postingOoga Booga Yip Yip [10-page satirical script]

Log line: Cavemen are from Mars, cavewomen are from Venus, monoliths are from Jupiter and lockers are from Earth. Mostly, anyway.

Synopsis: Cave couple shacks up together and discovers the one true key to relationship harmony.

Genre: Comedy short.

[complete script, 50k PDF file]

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Click for blog postingsUBTexT [45-page sitcom pilot script]

Log line: Several semi-retired sitcom writers shake up their local fast-food emporium.

Synopsis: Have you noticed how the old farts in any given neighborhood tend to gather around a table at their local McDonald's in the early morning, drinking coffee and shooting the sh*t? Have you ever wondered what they discuss? Could it really be sex and Visigoths?

Genre: Sitcom spec.

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Click for blog postingGuns Don't Shoot People, "Dick" Shoots People [1-page satirical script]

Log line: "Skeeter" Obama and "Dick" Cheney go duck hunting.

Synopsis: The gun-control debate takes a surreal turn.

Genre: Satirical short.

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Click for Facebook pageTwi Hard On [3-page satirical script]

Log line: 17-year-old girl falls in love with a vampire who appears to be her age, but who is actually 100 -
and whenever they try to get it on, he morphs into the filthy old letch that he really is.

Synopsis: WARNING - this is a raunchy and irreverent "Twilight" parody,
so watch out for the strong language and adult situations.

Genre: Satirical short.

[complete script, 27k PDF file]
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Click for blog postingiSex [3-page satirical script]

Log line: Blind dating in the iPhone age.

Synopsis: Who says a cell phone can't double as a sex toy?

Genre: Comedy short.

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Click for blog posting (image courtesy of Harper´s Bazaar)Britney and the Judgie-Poo [4-page satirical script]

Log line: "Life really zooms by, here in the fast lane."

Synopsis: Britney Spears argues her case for being allowed to have sleepovers with K-Fed's kids.

Genre: Comedy short.

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Click for blog posting (image courtesy of Spielberg Kicks Some Serious Butt [4-page satirical script]

Log line: "I'm SPIELBERG, dammit!"

Synopsis: Steven Spielberg and his co-producer, Mark Burnett, disagree about how to fix the low ratings of their Fox reality show, "On The Lot." Will it be lightsaber numchucks or eating a bug?

Genre: Comedy short.

[complete script, HTML]
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Click for blog posting (image courtesy of [7-page animation script]

Log line: You'll never look at Oscar® the same way again!

Synopsis: WARNING - this is a South Park parody, so watch out for the strong language and adult situations.

Genre: Animation, comedy short.

[complete script, HTML]
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