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Description of WP 6.1 for Windows version: there's a new shareware download available, Screenwright(R), a system which automates the screenwriting process to a degree approached before now only by the costly standalone screenplay processors!

This product remembers your characters, locations and a personal glossary, and inserts them into your screenplay in the normal dialogue/slugline/narrative formats. The software consists of two menu bars, a toolbar, two keyboards and a template which contains twenty-nine macros. The entire suite works together seamlessly to produce a professional quality script.

You can generate a reading (spec) version of your screenplay, or take advantage of an array of advanced formatting routines to continue on through a production version. The system is capable of inserting two-column dialogue, left- and right-margin scene numbers (plus A/B scenes), A/B/run page numbers, changed text asterisks, (CONTINUED), (MORE), (CONT'D), and OMITTED.

It has an alarmed timer, and contains a reference function with information invaluable to any screenwriter: guild minimums, professional telephone numbers, a color sequence standard for script revision pages, plus areas to store and display your personal phone contacts and script notes.

The system is intuitive, can be used immediately, and requires the fewest keystrokes in the industry. You can execute it with a mouse, operate it without moving your fingers from the keyboard, or use any combination that's comfortable for you.

This software has been continuously upgraded throughout the last three releases of WP to produce an elegant, state of the art, production-standard screenplay formatting tool.

The WPWin 6.1 version described above is available for evaluation via download (if any links don't respond the first time, don't worry - just bookmark this page, and try again later). In addition to the WPWin 6.1 (6/21/97) add-on, there are less-elaborate versions for WPDOS 6.0 (12/22/95) and WPDOS 5.1 (10/31/95). As for me, I'm a Premier Partner in WP's developer group, and a working writer. More background, a picture link, and all three releases are available on the info page.

Notes from Alan: (6/21/97) The Enhanced 6/21/97 release of the WPWin 6.1 version may now be obtained on the download page.

(7/16/97) Ziff-Davis honored Screenwright(R) with a 4-star Editors' Pick review!

(4/28/98) Corel has notified me of their intention to include Screenwright(R)'s screenplay formatting technology with WordPerfect 9!

(6/21/98) During the past year, Screenwright(R) has averaged more than 300 independently  audited  downloads  per month (on just 3 of more than 130 available sites in 38 countries)! To celebrate this milestone, and the exciting WP9 news, all new registrations of other versions (WPWin 6.1, WPDOS 6.0, and WPDOS 5.1) will be offered at half-price for a limited time only... simply mention "Code 621" on the registration form.

(6/24/98) Since WordPerfect is moving to Ottawa, the latest information indicates that WP9's release date will be sometime early next year.

(1/16/99) Corel recently notified me that WordPerfect's move from Orem to Ottawa has caused the loss of some internally-generated files. Unfortunately, Screenwright(R)'s WP9 conversion was among the missing items, so it will not be available in WP9's first release (the WP2000 business suite). Corel again has doubts about the size of the screenwriter market, so this screenplay formatter might be omitted from the home version of WordPerfect (due later this year) also, unless you can help.

(9/24/99) My new screenwriting book has hit the shelves: - an eMail screenplay collaboration between Hungary and L.A. (includes first draft script "The Fall In Budapest")!

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