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first publication: 9/2002 by magazine minima (issue 0.3)
visuals+sfx: Jonathan Carr
words (#3): Alan C. Baird (books)
behind the words:

9/11/2001 - The Day The Planes Stopped Flying (TDTPSF) written
9/12/2001 - TDTPSF published by In Posse Review
10/21/2001 - TDTPSF published by the Glory anthology
1/8/2002 - Glory anthology featured on the The Rosie O'Donnell Show
9/11/2002 - TDTPSF edited from 432 words down to 40 words and published by magazine minima (as "the tenth of september," a Flash animation w/sound):

From the observation deck, Lady Liberty looked like a child's toy: so close, you
could almost caress her with casually outstretched fingers. By reaching with your other
hand, it seemed nearly possible to touch the huge bridge spanning Verrazano's narrows.

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