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Rot-13 - (short for "Rotate 13") is a simple letter substitution encryption scheme that replaces the current letters in a message with letters that are 13 positions ahead in the alphabet. For example, the letter a is replaced by n, b by o, c by p, etc., while numbers and punctuation are not encoded. Some internet forums utilize Rot-13 to hide offensive material from accidental viewing (dirty jokes, for example). Unless you choose to decode these messages, they will simply appear to be gibberish. To use this encoder/decoder, just type or paste some ASCII Text into the box, and click the "Rot-13" button. If the material is already Rot-13 encoded, its hidden message will be decoded. Similarly, if you wish to encode your own message, one click will do the trick! When your mouse is anywhere inside the box, press Ctrl+A to highlight the entire message, and then press Ctrl+C to copy the contents into your computer's clipboard. Ctrl+V will paste the clipboard text into other boxes (like the 420-character [6x70] Facebook "Write something..." field or the 140-character Twitter update box):

1234567 10 234567 20 234567 30 234567 40 234567 50 234567 60 234567 70 characters

Example: Alan whfg penpxrq gur Ebg-13 pbqr, nsgre lrnef bs onpxoernxvat jbex. http://is.gd/gqX1

Upside-Down - turns lowercase letters (and/or the ,.!? characters) 180 degrees
clockwise and reverses their order (hint #1: you might want to keep messages short,
because long ones annoy readers; hint #2: this won't work in Twitter phones):

Example: Alan puɐʇspɐəɥ ɐƃoʎ sıɥ uo ƃuıʞɹoʍ sı http://is.gd/gqX1

International Morse Code - type or paste ASCII Text [letters,
numbers and/or the ,.?'!/():;=+-_"$@ characters] into this box:

Type/paste Morse Code [the ampersand/wait code (.-...) is a space] into this box:

Example: Alan .. ... .-... ..-. ..- .-.. .-.. .-... --- ..-. .-... .-. . .-... -- --- .-. ... . .-.-.- .-... .- --. .- .. -. .-.-.- http://is.gd/gqX1

Escape/Unescape - type or paste ASCII Text (reference:
percent encoding + comparing encode methods) here:

Type or paste Escape Codes (%XX) here:

Example: Alan %65%73%63%61%70%65%64%20%66%72%6F%6D%20%4C%2E%41%2E http://is.gd/gqX1

leet/1337 - converts lowercase letters into a leet dialect, and vice versa:

Example: Alan 73115 7#3 ~0085 70 3:7#3ʁ ℗ɰ~ 0ʁ 83 ℗ɰ~3∂. http://is.gd/gqX1

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